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 Advocate Kaviya Singh laid down the foundation of KS LAW CHAMBERS PRIVATE LIMITED and gave the idea behind the core of this company. In the love of her, her father founded the company. Currently, Ms. Singh is an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the company and is one of the active members of the legal fraternity. She has been supporting and has been extravagantly working to obtain new heights. She has been very supportive of her other associates who have played a vital role in expanding the purview of the firm. Ms. Singh is known for her entrepreneurship skills and has been a part of various samajas, societies, and other cultural, religious, and corporate groups. She had a mission of combining effectiveness with litigation; since there are factors affecting the result, it has been difficult to attain the aim, but with a success rate of 98.0% Ms. Singh has obtained the promised results for her clients.
For Contacting Ms. Singh @Contact at:
                                     @Call her at 9821246021
                                             @ Linkedin: 
Manpreet Singh Bhatti_edited.jpg
           Advocate Manpreet Singh Bhatti,
District and Sessions Court, Chandigarh,Punjab  
Associates | Kaviya Singh | Lucknow
   Advocate Yadvendra Krishan, 
High Court, Allahabad High Court, Uttar Pradesh
Associates | Kaviya Singh | Lucknow
              Advocate Krishnam Pandey, 
    District and Sessions Court, Allahabad

Associates | Kaviya Singh | Lucknow
   Advocate Ravneet Kaur,
High Court, Chandigarh, Punjab  
Associates | Kaviya Singh | Lucknow
       Advocate Kaif Mohammad,
   National Company Law Tribunal  
         Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 
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